Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Four Letters is on Sale

Four Letters (along with all of my other books) is currently on sale for the low, low price of just 99 pennies!  That's a savings of $3...you really can't beat it.

So check out the synopsis and then get to one-clicking:

In Four Letters you’ll learn all about three couples...

Sterling and Skye

               Skye is a spoiled little rich girl, who has never had to do more than bat her eyelashes at her father to get whatever she wanted. When she received her degree, her plan was to open an art gallery catering to the uber rich.  The last thing she needed was a man getting in her way.  But, there’s just something about Sterling.  He’s an alpha male that gives her what she’s always craved, the ability to let someone else take control. Could Sterling be the man Skye needs to help her relinquish control and change her spoiled ways?

Asher and Lilly

               When Lilly was a small child, her parents were killed in a fire.  Since the loss of her parents, she’s never truly felt loved or safe.  Now that Lilly’s dream of becoming a teacher has come true,  she worries that her dream of finding Mr. Right might not.  That all changes the day that Asher literally runs into her in the park.  Could Asher be the man to make Lilly feel safe and give her the happily ever after she’s always dreamed of?

Tanner and Adlee

               To say that Adlee had a rough childhood would be quite the understatement.  When she was barely ten years old, her mother killed herself, leaving Adlee in the care of her stepfather, Paul.  Paul was not a nice man.  When Tanner walked into the café she was working at and witnessed the way Paul treated her, he knew he had to step in.   Could Tanner be the man to prove to Adlee that she is worthy of love and help her regain her self respect?

Read Four Letters to see how all of these lives are intertwined...